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We have been traveling the country, providing unique field trips for students for decades. Over the years parents have asked "When will we be able to go....?" Well, now we are offering tours to families, homeschoolers, and couples as well as services to schools for educational trips.

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We offer family-oriented trips to Washington DC, TheOregon Trail (yes, the entire thing) in the fall of 2020. We are planning to add a Boston tour in the future,  Civil War Battlefields, and a tour of the sites from the miniseries "North and South". For schools, we can put almost anything together you would like from a few days to a week. We can provide a basic travel package or a full "turn key" tour. Watch for local short tours from the Dayton area to Shipshewana as well as Pennsylvania.



We have experience in travel to Washington DC, The Northwest, Boston and New England plus many others. Of special interest will be tours featuring the Oregon Trail and the Lewis and Clark Trail.


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