May 12-16, 2019


Boston Highlights

Yes, you'll be seeing the Skywalk, perhaps taking a river cruise, riding the swan boats, and visiting a museum or two along the way. Many of the sites of the historic Freedom Trail will be included. Is Harvard in your future? Perhaps a visit there will help you make up your mind!

Historic Boston

You'll be able to walk the Freedom Trail and visit Paul Revere's house. You can stand in his living room! And then you can see Old North Church where the lanterns were hung that fateful night. Old Ironsides will be waiting for you to visit too. Tea time? We will pay a visit to the Tea Party Ships and Museum to start the week off!

Lexington and Concord

The "shot heard 'round the world" was fired in Concord. You'll see the bridge where the Minutemen faced the Redcoats! Across the field is the "Old Manse" where you can look out over the battle site. Come and see what Mrs. Hawthorne wrote on the window glass with her diamond ring!

Full Itinerary & Flight Information

The first draft of the itinerary is available. Download it below!

What should I bring?

Download the list of what to bring below. Remember that having good walking shoes is super important!

Photo Gallery

Watch this page for pictures from the trip. They will be uploaded during the trip or immediately after.